June 2009, It was in a hot, sweaty yoga class that young Australian David Freeman came across a drink that really quenched his thirst fast. That drink was young coconut water. However, he found the major problem was the availability of fresh, natural coconut water. It was hard to find, too heavy to carry and even harder to break open. Freeman thought there must be better way. It was then and there the idea for H2Coco was born.

In frustration (or desperation), Freeman began researching what it would take to have ready-to-drink, fresh, coconut water in Australia. He wanted it to stay as pure as possible, taste just like the natural thing, retain all its health benefits and stay fresh for longer without any preservatives or additives. A tall order, but he managed to do it with H2Coco!

2011, after two years of extensive research, Freeman decided to bottle H2Coco directly from it's source on a tropical island in The Philippines, where he preferred the taste, freshness and quality of the coconut plantations. Freeman discovered an important note that coconut water needs to be kept out of the sun, It might sound a bit strange but, in fact, coconut water oxidises and looses its freshness when exposed to sunlight. For this reason Freeman decided to directly pasteurise the product sterile straight into their Tetra Pak. That's one way he enables to keep H2Coco Pure Coconut Water 100% natural, 100% nutritious and 100% delicious. Tetra Pak uses a lot less energy than plastic counterparts, a lot less materials in relation to the product and a lot less natural resources and is bpa-free so environmentally friendly!

In 2012, Freeman decided to bring on board Aussie personalities Kyle Sandilands and Andrew Hawkins, to assist in his Australian owned and operated coconut water brand. One that is now iconic and known. H2Coco. A natural, fat-free, low-calorie health drink packed with life-giving nutrients. No nasties. No sweat!

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