Healtheries started in New Zealand back in 1904, with two Kiwi flour millers. They built a business dedicated to the belief that the natural, healthy goodness of stone-ground flours should be easily available to everyone. Today, our business is still driven by a similar aim; to make healthier food choices easier.

At Healtheries Australia we are focused on providing you with healthier snacks that taste great. Our range of Kidscare lunchbox snacks and our New Pop Bites are gluten free, contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, no added MSG or palm oil. They also have less than 10% total fat and less than 3% saturated fats, making them a great snack choice for the whole family.

The Healtheries brand is now owned by Vitaco Health Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Health Brands Australia) and is the result of the merging of four companies: Aussie Bodies, Healtheries, Nutra-Life and Abundant Earth.

The Vitaco portfolio includes a variety of health and lifestyle needs including; sports nutrition, food allergy and intolerance, organic foods, vitamins and supplements.

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