HERRON. Helping people since 1984.

Herron Founders

HERRON Pharmaceuticals was founded over 23 years ago. It was developed from HERRON Industries formed by Euan and Kaye Murdoch in 1972. With their own Goanna range of oils and rubs, which Mr Murdoch purchased from the Marconi family in 1982, the new company was an instant success. Today, the HERRON group is owned by Perrigo.

HERRON believes in all Australians living life.

Which is why we make a range of products. Products made to help people feel a little better (or a lot more comfortable).

While we're proud of our paracetamol (and IbuProfen), our desire to help make lives a little easier has resulted in the formulation of OsetoEze (to help lessen the ongoing pain in joints), a whole range of vitamins from acidopholous to Zinc - and an entire range of Vitamins formulated especially for kids, Baby Care products like nappy-rash cream and, to help relieve a specific discomfort, SenneTabs.

It's this commitment to helping Aussies live life that will see us continue to develop products to help make life a little easier - and to encourage Aussies to get out and soak up as much life as they can.

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