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Bosco BMC900X Multifunction Cooker Bowl

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BOSCO BMC900X Multifunction Cooker Bowl

Cooking bowl for BMC900X Multifunction Cooker. It is handy to have two bowls on hand and use one for sweet and one for savoury or when you need to cook 2 dishes one after another.

Spherical ceramic coated bowl design provides circular heat convection and even heat distribution for better cooking performance.


  • Modern, easy to use design
  • Ergonomic handles on each side for easy handling
  • 5L cooking bowl
  • Made of ECO friendly materials
  • All the parts are BPA-free
  • Cooking bowl is coated with high quality ceramic (made in S.Korea)
  • Designed for 3D heating technology for even all round cooking and baking


  • Easy to clean
  • Handy to have on hand
  • Having a spare bowl is handy to use for savoury and for sweet dishes
  • Use a spare bowl to cook one dish after another without the need to wash the bowl in between

What's in the Box

  • 1 x BOSCO BMC900X Multifunction Cooker bowl


  • Suits BOSCO BMC900X Multifunction Cooker
  • Color: Black bottom with gray ceramic internal coating
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, GV

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