Bosco BPE0311-X Automatic Pasta Maker

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BOSCO BPE0311-X Automatic Pasta Maker


Comes with recipes and full access to our recipe database with different recipes to try, including perfect pasta recipes, pasta sauce recipes, Asian noodles and handy tips.

Do you enjoy having fresh, home-made pasta without spending hours in the kitchen making it?..

With the help of BOSCO pasta maker, you could enjoy a freshly made pasta meal in less time than it would take you to buy the ingredients. Simply place flour, water and eggs into mixing bowl, turn the machine on and enjoy fresh, beautiful pasta in minutes.

Pasta maker comes with a handy drawer to keep all the pasta extrusion dies and accessories for easy access. The clear top lid allows you to check dough progress, and the slot in the lid lets you add liquid ingredients to maintain dough consistency. Includes measuring cups with markings for dough as well as eggs/liquid.

There is nothing easier than cleaning this machine. The extrusion dies can be left to dry (or freeze them) and then poke with a special cleaning tool

This machine comes complete with 8 pasta extrusion dies and is great for making fresh, delicious, home-made pasta in minutes. You can simply accommodate for specific dietary requirements by making egg-free, wholemeal, buckwheat or even gluten-free pasta.

Once you've tried home-made pasta made with BOSCO pasta machine, you will never want to go back to a bought variety. It is super easy to operate and clean


  • Sophisticated design
  • Interactive LED display panel
  • Quiet operation
  • Different programs to choose from

- 1 cup of flour: Automatically mixes and extrudes pasta to a desired shape and size. Used for making pasta based on approximately 250gm of flour. It makes ~ 300gm of finished product
- 2 cups of flour: Automatically mixes and extrudes pasta to a desired shape and size. Used for making pasta based on approximately 500gm of flour. It makes ~ 600gm of finished product
- Manual: This function is used for manually extruding pasta to a desired shape and size

  • Powerful 200W DC motor agitates the mixing arm to make perfect dough
  • Clear lid with convenient slot to add liquid ingredients In-built safety features for your peace of mind. The machine will not start operating unless the clear lid is in position and auto overheat protection shut off
  • The base of the machine is equipped with skid-resistant pads to give machine stability while operating
  • Includes 8 interchangeable extrusion dies (please see below description)
  • Makes up to 600gm of fresh pasta in one run
  • Can be operated 3 consecutive times with no waiting period in between


  • Super easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Let the extrusion dies to dry naturally (or freeze them), then poke off the remaining dough with a special cleaning tool provided
  • Enjoy fresh, nutritious, home-made pasta any time
  • Money and time saving
  • Accommodate for special dietary needs by making gluten-free, wholemeal, buckwheat or egg-free pasta
  • Save money by purchasing fresh ingredients and turn them into delicious meals with the help of your BOSCO automatic pasta machine
  • Great performance and reliability
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Design built to last for years
  • Makes any kitchen bench look modern and hi-tech
  • Proudly Australian owned company
  • After sale support even outside warranty period

Eight pasta interchangeable extrusion dies included

  1. Thick spaghetti / Asian noodles
  2. Spaghetti
  3. Vermicelli / Angel hair/ Thin Asian noodles
  4. Linguini
  5. Fettucini
  6. Tagliatelle
  7. Lasagne ribbons / Dumplings / ravioli wrapper
  8. Macaroni / Rigatoni / Penne

What's in the Box

1 x BOSCO BPE0311-X Automatic Pasta Machine
2 x BPA-free plastic measuring cups
1 x BPA-free plastic dripping tray
8 x BPA-free plastic pasta extrusion dies
1 x BPA-free flat spatula/cleaning probe
1 x cleaning brush
1 x Instruciton Manual/Recipe guide
1 x Quick Operation Guide


  • 220-240 VAC
  • 50-60Hz
  • 200 Watt Power DC motor
  • Gross Weight = 7.8kg
  • Color: White Certifications: CE, RoHS, GV


BOSCO BPE0311-X Automatic Pasta Maker comes with a 12 month complete replacement warranty on defects due to workmanship or manufacturing
Additionally BOSCO BPE0311-X Automatic Pasta Maker has a 2 year warranty on the motor Please follow this link for full Bosco Appliances warranty details
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  • Australia
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