Incredible cooker. It’s good for cooking range of meat and vegetable dishes. I just set it to cook and leave it. Now planning many other meals.
Best Cooker!

I've had no issues with this amazing mutlicooker since we got it . So is great for making stew, soups, bread, baby food and yoghurt. I love the visual design. The long warranty and the pre-programmed cooking functions helped us decide to buy this cooker. It is definitely worth the money. Had issue with Bosco delivery time but I still would rate the cooker five.
I’ve made risotto in it last night and it was perfect. . It’s wonderful how this cooker allows me to sear, sauté and simmer without using separate pot for these steps. I use it at least once a week. Don't know how it will be in a year or two but at the moment I highly recommend it.
I bought this bosco multi cooker for my mum and she loves it. It gets plenty of use because we both cook. It works great for making slow cooked meals and all things baked. My mum managed to bake her first bread using the cooker and it was a success. It is an elegant, well designed and easy to clean cooker. Well worth the money.
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