A magnificent kitchen with a timeless look achieved with NSK-1435 Black Wood (Satin) finish.

This kitchen was renovated using NSK-145 Dark Wood (Satin) finish on the cabinets and NSK-1745 Classic White (Gloss) on the fridge.

This modern, open plan kitchen was completed with NSK-1545 Classic Red (Satin) finish and it will amaze every guest. The front of the counter has also been resurfaced with the same wrap to give a finishing touch to the room.

This gorgeous kitchen was resurfaced using NSK-1315 Dark Gray Steel (Metallic) Finish. This is a very popular finish for modern kitchens with brushed metal texture and look. The direction of the wrap application will reflect the light on a different angle, creating a new look.

This kitchen was renovated using two types of wraps NSK-1525 Classic White (Satin) on cabinets and NSK-185 Walnut (Satin) on benches and the back door. These two finishes work in harmony to create a very modern look for this project.

Small kitchen renovation project using NSK-1105 Medium Wood (Satin) Finish. The front of the kitchen counter has also been resurfaced using this finish to make the whlole kitchen look complete.

Cabinet refacing project for a dentist clinic using NSK-1295 Medium Gray Steel finish. The new surface gives a much more younger and refreshed look to the whole workplace. This cabinet wrapping will last a very long time making it an ideal solution for renovating cabinets in your workplace/business.

Our cabinet wraps are also great for bathroom renovations. This bathroom cabinets have been renovated using NSK-145 Dark Wood (Satin) Finish to create this lovely classic look.

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