We pride ourselves in being groundbreakers in providing innovative nutritional health supplements. As a family owned, Australian company, we are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of other Australians. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, specialist formulas based on the most recent clinical research. LifeSpace aims to constantly raise the benchmark of natural-based therapies with premium ingredients, new and carefully formulated products. Our key values include; integrity, responsibility and delivering on our promise.

Our Philosophy:

Based on RECENT evidence based research.

LifeSpace has a strong commitment to evidence based research, we formulate our products based on the same ingredients AND levels consistent with clinical studies. We focus on large clinical studies with strong experimental methodology. We are constantly looking at emerging medical insights to help us keep our products relevant to provide Australian's with a wide range of targeted health benefits.

Natural is best.

We believe that the body absorbs and utilises natural ingredients much better than synthetic (chemically made) ingredients. Wherever possible, we use natural ingredients, such as naturally sourced vitamins, plant based minerals, 100% natural probiotic supplements, encased by vegetable capsules.

Superior products, affordable price!

We believe our products are of a superior standard than our competitors, and we are proud to offer these at affordable pricing for the consumer.

If the country of manufacture is not listed on the label then should you trust it?

All our supplements are proudly made locally in Australia and our liquid range is manufactured on site. Australia is regarded as having the tightest manufacturing regulations for complementary medicines in the world. All manufacturing, testing and evidence supporting any label claim is tightly scrutinised, so that Australian made supplements are of the highest quality and efficacy. Unfortunately this same level of rigor is not always required in some major countries where some other brands are manufactured (cheaply). Check your labels – if the country of manufacture is not listed then there is a good chance that it is made overseas.

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